Health Check

Welcome to Your Health Check. An in-depth look at your health, providing a complete overview of [….]

Thyroid Check

Welcome to Your Thyroid Check. The Pod Health thyroid function test provides a simple blood test to assess the current[….]

Sexual Health Check

Welcome to Your Sexual health check. The Pod Health Sexual Health Check offers an assessment for some of the most[….]

Diabetes Check

Welcome to Your Diabetes Check. The Pod Health diabetes check will use your medical information, body measurements and a blood [….]

Cardiovascular Screening

Welcome to your stroke and heart disease (cardiovascular) check. The Pod Health cardiovascular check will use your [….]

Genetic Screening

Welcome to Your Genetic Screen. Genetics play a major role in your inherited risk of disease. [….]

Health Event Prediction

Welcome to Your Digital Health Check service. We look at your current health, and use a combination of advanced computing [….]