Pod Health is an organisation run by doctors for patients. We are a values driven organisation committed to making the world a healthier place. We focus on disease prevention and working with patients to ensure they have a happier and longer life. Our goal is to make the average Pod Health user live a quality life to over 100. We use a combination of medical expertise, advanced computing and statistics combined with expertise in lifestyle modifications, disease prevention and treatment to help our patients live healthier lives.

Our Team

  • Dr Zeeshan Akhtar
    Dr Zeeshan Akhtar Founder and CEO
    Zeeshan has been a doctor in the NHS for over 10 years specializing in abdominal surgery. Having completed medical school and a DPhil in Oxford he has both a strong academic record and a background in enterprise and entrepreneurship. Zee is committed to developing Pod Health into a global, socially responsible enterprise.
  • Dr Antony Malloy
    Dr Antony Malloy Chief Medical Officer
    Tony, an Oxford graduate, is an experienced GP with an interest in healthcare technology. Tony is responsible for regulatory and medical compliance. He ensures the services are safe and effective.
  • Dr Rafik Salama
    Dr Rafik Salama Chief Technology Officer
    Rafik has degrees in medical physics, computer science, and a PhD in applied statistics. He has a strong academic background in mathematical biology and a diverse industry profile including working on projects in the NHS, financial and energy sector. He is responsible for overseeing the development of the technology platform and the machine learning and AI based algorithms.
  • Dr Kumaran Shanmugarajah
    Dr Kumaran Shanmugarajah Product Development
    Kumaran works on product development. Like Kumaran is a surgeon in Oxford training in transplantation surgery having completed medical school at Imperial College and his PHD at Harvard University. He has a specialist interest enterprise and innovation in the healthcare space.
  • Dr Danae Maragouthakis
    Dr Danae Maragouthakis Business Development and Operations
    Danae trained as a doctor in the US and has been gaining experience in the UK since 2015. Danae is responsible for liaising with locations, suppliers and the day-to-day management of the Pods.
  • Austin Power
    Austin Power Lead project manager
    Austin is responsible for the coordinating the builds of the pods including liasing with suppliers and manufacturers. Austin has over 20 years of experience in the building and project management trade.
  • Richard Wakefield
    Richard Wakefield Creative
    Rich is responsible for making us cool. He directs our creative strategy to get our message across. A talented photographer and director Richard has a track record in working with start-ups and established enterprises.
  • Oliver Simms
    Oliver Simms Lead architectural design
    Oli is our in-house architect. Bright and full of ideas, Oli makes our pods look futuristic.
  • Marion O’Connor
    Marion O’Connor Consultant Dietician
    She has worked within the NHS and private health care for over ten years. During this time she has worked within many clinical specialities. She has clinical interests in many areas including weight loss, weight gain, diabetes, PCOS, high blood pressure, osteoporosis and bone health amongst others.